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Double Sided Sticky Sticker - Butterflies

Double Sided Sticky Sticker - Butterflies

Item Number:3335DS
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Manufacturer: JeJe Produkt
  • Width::4 inches
  • Length::9 inches

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Sticky Stickers

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Sticky Stickers are pre-cut shapes with a glue layer that make it easy to add designs with glitter, flakes, mica powders to your cards and scrapbook layouts. One sheet comes with several stickers, allowing you to make multiple combinations.

  • Remove the protective layer from the sheet sticky stickers.
  • - Choose an design and remove it carefully from the sheet using a hobby knife or tweezers and put it on the card or another object.
  • - Press it down with the spoon or knife and sprinkle glitter, flakes, powders or scrap foil.
  • - Press firmly and brush clean or dust down.

Because the sticky stickers are only mildly adhesive, press them firmly onto the card before sprinkling glitter. Press the pictures using the spoon or tweezers to prevent the layer of glue being diminished because the glue sticks to your fingers. Includes 1 9x4 inch sheet of stickers.

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