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Architextures Parchment Rub Ons - Build

Architextures Parchment Rub Ons - Build

Item Number:7g25061
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Manufacturer: 7gypsies

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Architextures Parchment Rub Ons

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Parchment Rub-ons are a wonderful part of theArchitextures collection and add a unique way to apply art to any creative project. Unlike other rub-ons on the market these are quite unique in that a single sheet of parchment has over 150 designs in many different sizes and shapes. The parchment paper allows for the wide variety and larger pieces of art that transfer with a flat object with smooth, deep motion. The art transfers like a vintage stamp with distressed ink might do creating a wonderful stamped look. Check out this video that shows you all about how to use the parchment rub-ons.If you look at the entire selection of art and could find them all in stamps you would spend a near fortune, so the rub-ons are a wonderful solution for adding a wide range of vintage art to your crafty stash.

Get the look of of vintage stamps in a snap!The backbone of theArchitextures collection highlights architecture, building blocks, tools, buildings, light bulbs, steampunk art, drafting and capturing the heart of the buildart that inspires the building blocks of any projectkraft parchment sheet 16" x 24"black pressure sensitive inkover 150 art pieces in a wide range of sizes and shapesFor best results apply to paper or canvas with a flat popsicle stick or rub on tool.Use rub-ons by applying them directly to the stained wood giving it a wonderful stamped look in seconds. The wide range of art pieces found in each pack of rub-ons can be used as they are or in parts to give them a vintage look. Many of the art pieces are quite large making them so much easier to use than a large rubber stamp and offering a nice size background.

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