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Christmas in Summer? Why Not?

Posted by Ecstasy Crafts on 8/1/2014 to Inspiration

It's only August. Still the dead of summer. Why should there be thoughts about Christmas?

Well first, it's Christmas, silly. Second, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, Christmas is analogous with winter, the coldest season of the year. And thought about cold in the middle of hot weather can have a cooling effect on us, no?

So again, what is the trouble with thinking about Christmas in the summer?

If you have another argument, here is a third reason - since many retail stores don't have Christmas items on display yet, many people aren't thinking about Christmas purchases. But if you are a crafter, this can be the prime time to get Christmas materials at great prices since demand is generally low.

And with the holiday season so hectic, this might be the best time to get your Christmas crafting projects done before you have to work on the Thanksgiving dinner.

We at ecstasycrafts.com love to look ahead to what is on the horizon, and we love crafting for Christmas. As some of you are thinking back-to-school right now, we understand that Santa may not be on your mind. But if you are always on the lookout for bargains, consider checking our sales page on Christmas items. Let's face it, you will be doing some Christmas crafting at some point. So why not do some shopping for some creative ideas right now when demad is down?

We already have great prices, and they are even lower this time of year on our Christmas inventory. As we are already starting oru Christmas crafting, we invite our fellow crafters to dig into our inventory now - there are some very neat ideas out there, and it's great to take advantage now before everyone else gets wind of them!

Happy crafting!



Date: 8/9/2017
just starting out with a cricket in card making but don't know what I need so that I need help with please...

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