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Loyalty Rewards

The Ecstasy Crafts Reward Program offers our customers the opportunity to earn valuable rewards points with every purchase. Points can be redeemed for free products on our online store. The program is free to all customers.1 Simply log in to your account to start earning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is eligible to earn and redeem points?

All registered retail customers are eligible to earn and redeem points. The points program is not available to wholesale customers or customers who are charged based on a pricing level that is different from the standard retail price. Members of the Ecstasy Crafts Premiere program are also eligible to earn and redeem points.

Q2. How do I register for an account?

Simply fill out the form on our account registration page and you will be registered automatically. You can start shopping and earning points right away.

Q3. Do I need a membership number to earn points?

Your points are redeemed based on your account. Your login information is your email address.

Q4. If I forget to login to my account, can I still earn the points?

In order to receive points for your purchase, you must be logged in to your Ecstasy Crafts online account before checking out. If you forget your login information and do not want to miss out on points, you can reset your password on the "My Account" page, or contact us by email at [email protected], and we will be happy to assist you.

Q5. How do I see how many points I have?

Once you have logged in to your account, you can review your points balance on your "My Account" page. Simply scroll down the page to the "My Rewards" section of the page.

Q6. I am missing points from a transaction. What should I do?

From your account page, you can see your points history. Please keep in mind, points are applied to your account once your order has been invoiced and shipped. Points are awarded on the final totals sent with your shipment. Changes to your order after it has been placed will be reflected in your point totals. If your order has shipped and your points balance is still incorrect, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Q7. Can I redeem my points in the retail store?

At this time, points cannot be redeemed in the retail store. We encourage customers to place an order online using their points, and select the pickup in store option. We will be happy to contact you when your order is ready.

Q8. How do I redeem my points online?

Every product on our website has an associated point value assigned to it. In order to see the points value of an item, you must be logged into your account. Once you have chosen the item you would like to redeem your points for, you can see the point value on the items product page. Below the "Add to Cart" button, you will see an option to "Redeem this item for XX points". Select this button, and the product will be automatically added to your cart for $0.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Ecstasy Crafts Rewards Points are only available to retail customers. Wholesale customers are not eligible to earn or redeem rewards points. 1
  2. Rewards points have no monetary value.
  3. Rewards points cannot be earned or redeemed on gift cards or magazine subscriptions.
  4. Ecstasy Crafts Rewards Points are not transferrable.
  5. Ecstasy Crafts at its sole discretion reserves the right to terminate an Ecstasy Crafts account if misuse of the program is deemed as a breach of the Terms and Conditions.
  6. A member whose account is terminated will forfeit all points in their account.
  7. 30 days notice will be provided to Ecstasy Crafts account members should Ecstasy Crafts decide to terminate the program at any stage. Members will be notified via email and on our website www.ecstasycrafts.com. From the date of such notice until the termination of the program members may redeem but not accrue points.
  8. Ecstasy Crafts may deduct from the points balance in a members account any points credited in error and any points relating to a purchase which is cancelled or reversed or where a refund is given
  9. Ecstasy Crafts may make changes at any time without prior notice to members to the terms and conditions, rewards multipliers or redemption values.
  10. Ecstasy Crafts may collect information about members including information contained in the application form and information as to transactions, which will be held in the membership database.
  11. Rewards Points values are awarded based on the value at the time of purchase. Ecstasy Crafts may update points and redemption values at any time without prior notice.
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