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The Position It 2 - The Ultimate Stamping Tool

The Position It 2 - The Ultimate Stamping Tool

Item Number: ECP001
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Feature: ECP001

The Position-it 2

By Cathie Allan

Check out the product video to see what's included in the box!

The Ultimate Stamping Tool for beginners to advanced stampers...

Makes stamping fun and easy and works for all stamps: wood mounted rubber stamps, unmounted rubber stamps, clear or acrylic stamps and foam stamps.

* Accurate stamping, re-stamping and layering
* Accommodates all sizes of paper
* Works with all types of stamps
* Flat surface is ideal for larger projects
* Permanent grid lines
* Metal hinges
* Solid wood based
* 1 positioner plus 1 sub-positioner

Detailed instructions
Position-It 2 base
Acrylic shim
Reusable 6"x 7" acrylic stamping sheet
Rubber feet
3 extra posts

Size: 11.50" x 10.0"

*manufactured by Ecstasy Crafts Inc.

Rating Problems with using tool
I am still having some difficulties with this tool. The directions tell you to place the "rubber" feet on the inside and outside corners of the positioners but does not show an illustration of it. I took a chance a placed one of the little clear 3M adhesive dots on the bottom of each corner of positioner #1 . This causes the cardstock to slide under the positioner and can mess up the alignment. Makes no sense to me. I thought the "feet" were going to go underneath the base to keep it from sliding around. THese are not RUBBER feet, so am I missing something ? Reply: there is a video that helps with the pieces and positioners included in the Position-It Stamping Tool. Also, there are enough clear "feet" that you can adhere to the bottom of the actual Position-It Stamping Tool platform.
Reviewed by: from Ocala, Florida. on 2/13/2017

Questions and Answers View all Q&A
Q: So, now, it's in stock! When can we expect the delivery? I'm si anxious ti have it...
Asked by:  - 2/4/2017 (Submit an answer)
A: They started shipping last week as soon as they arrived here.
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Answer provided by:  
Q: Good Morning Is Cathe Allan's Position-It as ggod as it looks. Is it simular yet better than the MISTI?
Asked by:  - 2/2/2017 (Submit an answer)
A: The Position-it has the same hinged acrylic top plate for re-positioning the cling stamps as the Misti, but it offers so much more!

-Stamp and accurately re-stamp ANYWHERE on your project using the hinged acrylic plate or 3 positioner/sub-positioners.

-Stamp and accurately re-stamp using ANY TYPE of stamp – clear, cling, foam-mounted or wood mounted stamps.

-Use ANY SIZE of paper with the large flat grid lined working surface!

-Use a variety of stamping techniques with ALL types of stamps using the hinged acrylic plate and sub-positioners (e.g. ombré, gradient and layering stamping).

-Stamp and accurately re-stamp in various locations on your paper using the positioner and sub-positioners due to removable “peg” fasteners.

-Heat emboss directly on the large work surface.

-Use it for many years to come as durable metal hinges fasten the acrylic plate to the wooden working surface.

-All surfaces are easy to clean and maintain.

-Save time and money as you can get the perfect stamped image EVERY TIME

-It is the absolute perfect stamping tool whether you are a beginner or advanced stamper.

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Q: How much does the entire package weight? Does it weight over 2 lbs?
Asked by:  - 1/17/2017 (Submit an answer)
A: It is approximately 3.5 lbs in package.
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Q: What is the largest sheet of cardstock that will fit in this ? NOT the size of the entire tool, but how large is the actual surface that you can stamp in it ?
Asked by:  - 1/14/2017 (Submit an answer)
A: The base of the Position-It is 11.50" x 10.25", but you can use any size of paper. If needed you could rotate your paper as well.
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Q: Does this Product have a magnetic Base like the Misti or other similar tools, to hold the paper in place?
Asked by:  - 1/13/2017 (Submit an answer)
A: This does not have a metal base included at the present time.
The design of the flat surface allows the Position-it to be used with any size stamp and any size paper. We use repositionable tape to hold the project securely in place so that the stamp has the maximum amount of even surface area to press the stamp down for the best quality image possible. Magnets do not hold the project in place as securely as tape and prevent application of even pressure on the thinner stamps. It is possible that we may introduce a metal shim and magnets at some point in the future.
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Q: when is the last day for pre order this item? thanks Yudy
Asked by:  - 1/4/2017 (Submit an answer)
A: You can pre-order until January 31st.
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Q: How many sub-positioners are included in the package? In the video, it shows 2 sub-positioners in the box, yet your description lists only one? Also, will you be selling the optional sub-positioners or can they be pre ordered at this same time?
Asked by:  - 12/28/2016 (Submit an answer)
A: For a limited time we will be including the main positioner and 2 sub-positioners (only the main positioner and 1 sub-positioner will be included after the introductory offer is over).
You will be able to order more sub-positioner and replacement parts on our website.
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Q: Do you need to have a special plastic cleaner for this position it tool like you do other products like it? Also can you use the Stazon Ink with this position it tool or will it damage the tool?
Asked by:  - 12/28/2016 (Submit an answer)
A: No you will not need a special cleaner although we have used the Stazon cleaner (available on our website) to get the ink off. I would avoid using harsh or abrasive chemicals. We have used Stazon ink with no problems.
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Q: Are the hinges "self positioning" in order to accommodate both cling free and the unmounted rubber stamp?
Asked by:  - 12/26/2016 (Submit an answer)
A: The clear cling stamps are used with the hinged top plate when you add the clear plastic shim used on top of the base. Remove the shim when you use the foam or rubber cling stamps because they are thicker.
There will soon be a video explaining this.

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Q: Can I pre-order the Position It and pick it up and pay for it in the store?
Asked by:  - 12/26/2016 (Submit an answer)
A: Yes, please call the store or our customer service to have them add you to the pre-order list. Local - 613-968-4271 or Toll Free 1-888-288-7131
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